Criminal Intelligence Section

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Criminal Intelligence Section

The Barrie Police Service Criminal Intelligence Section: CIS

The Barrie Police Service CIS mandate is to gather evidence to support criminal prosecutions of identified criminal subjects, or use any other legal means available to eliminate or disrupt their criminal activities.

The objective of the Barrie CIS is to fulfill the strategic intelligence mandate of the Barrie Police Service. The CIS is responsible for gathering and disseminating intelligence concerning organized criminal activity to the appropriate Police agency in the jurisdiction involved in a timely manner. The Barrie CIS maintains communication and works co-operatively with other enforcement and intelligence units throughout the Province of Ontario. The Barrie CIS is also an active member of the Criminal Intelligence Services of Ontario.
The Criminal Intelligence Section (CIS) involves the following investigative partnerships with police agencies across the province:

1. The Provincial Biker Enforcement Unit - BEU.
3. The Provincial Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (ROPE).
4. The Provincial Anti Terrorism Section – PATS

The CIS is staffed by experienced criminal investigators who have received specialized training in intelligence investigations and techniques. The activities investigated by the CIS generally involve serious crimes or organized crime offences.