False Alarm Policy


False Alarm Policy

The Purpose of the false alarm policy is to eliminate the attendance of Police Officers at locations where there are chronic problems with the alarm system. Our statistics show that approximately 1,000 false alarm calls are received each year. In each instance, two Officers must be dispatched to the scene on a high priority basis.

On November 10, 2010 the current false alarm policy came into effect. The following details will help you understand how the policy works.

  1. "Alarm" is defined as a device intended to detect the unauthorized entry into a building, structure, facility or vehicle or for alerting others to the commission of an unlawful act. It does not include an automatic calling device.
  2. "False Alarm" includes but is not limited to an alarm activated unnecessarily, or improperly, resulting in a Police response and includes the testing of an alarm without notifying BPS, an alarm actually or apparently activated by mechanical failure, malfunction or faulty equipment, or an alarm activated accidentally by an authorized person of the Premises.
  3. Audible alarms which last more than 15 minutes are not permitted.
  4. If there is a police response to a false alarm, a notice will be issued to the occupier of the location after the first incident.
  5. After the second false alarm, an invoice will be issued to the subscriber, with a letter giving notice of suspension if not paid in 30 days. Interest will be added to the invoice if not paid within the 30 day time frame. Reinstatement of service will occur when the subscriber pays the invoice of $100 to BPS along with any interest due if applicable.
  6. An invoice and letter giving notice of suspension will also be issued after a third and fourth false alarm. Reinstatement of service will occur if the subscriber satisfies the following conditions:
    • A fee of $200 is paid to BPS following the third false alarm within 30 days and any accrued interest if paid after the 30 day time frame.
    • A fee of $300 is paid to BPS following the fourth false alarm, within 30 days and any accrued interest if paid after the 30 day time frame, and
    • A letter summarizing the steps that have been taken by the subscriber or the alarm company to curb the problem is provided to Barrie Police Service.
  7. After the fifth incident in a calendar year, a notice of suspension of service will be issued, and response to that location will not be provided until the beginning of the new calendar year and upon payment of any outstanding fees. 
  8. Charges outstanding over 30 days will be subject to finance charges and could be added to the property tax roll or forwarded to a Collection Agency.

It is the responsibility of occupiers of premises to ensure that intrusion alarm systems are in good working order and employees/users of the premises are familiar with proper operation of any system.

This policy is not applicable to instances where the alarm was caused by an illegal entry or any attempt to unlawfully gain entry to the premises.

For additional information, please contact the False Alarm Coordinator at 705-725-7025, ext. 2150.


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