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News Release - Daytime Edition: April 4, 2017

In an effort to keep the media informed as to police investigations occurring within the City of Barrie, we are providing this current information to members of the media for release to the general public.

If you have need of further information or clarification in relation to this press release, please contact:

Corporate Communications
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News Release - Daytime Edition

Prepared by: Corporate Communications
Posted: April 4, 2017
Occurrence Type: Police Looking for a White SUV Following a Fail to Remain
Occurrence #: BA170176331
Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 8:45am

The Barrie Police are investigating a fail to remain that occurred at the intersection of Livingstone Street, West and Ferndale Drive, North, in the City of Barrie.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, at approximately 8:45 a.m. a 12-year-old Barrie boy had been struck by a vehicle while crossing Ferndale Drive North, onto Livingstone Street West.

The 12-year-old had followed the pedestrian traffic signal and had the right of way when he was struck by a vehicle turning left onto Ferndale Drive, from Livingstone Street West. The 12-year-old boy did not suffer any physical injuries, although reported the incident to his family.

The vehicle is described as;

  • White four-door SUV

The driver is described as;

  • Female, white
  • Blond hair -long
  • Wearing a bright pink sweater

It is believed at the time of the incident there were numerous witnesses present and police are requesting anyone with any information to contact Constable Welten of the Barrie Police Service at (705)725-7025 ext. 2711 or cwelton@barriepolice.ca .

Police are reminding motorists to be alert and aware of an increase in pedestrian traffic with the arrival of spring. There is also an increase of cyclists on the roadways, and it is imperative all motorists avoid driving distracted and reduce speeds, especially in school zones and intersections.

Prepared by: Constable S. Bamford # 7419
Occurrence: BA170176331