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the Board Chair & the Chief of Police


The Barrie Police Services Board and the Barrie Police Service are proud to present our
2020-2022 Strategic Plan.

Although this plan is a requirement for all police services, it is a welcomed opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and look towards the future while re-evaluating our efforts at achieving policing excellence to ensure the City of Barrie is a safe and secure community.

Our members and our community partners have contributed their time, insights and inspirations to the development of this plan, and we thank them for their continued involvement. Through a collaborative approach including community surveys, focus groups and strategic planning sessions, we have identified three priorities to achieve the objectives expressed through our consultations.

The Barrie Police Service strategic priorities include:

Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Law Enforcement:
Reinforces our mission to enhance our community by providing professional, accountable and sustainable policing services.
Community Engagement and Collaboration:
Reaffirms our appreciation and aspirations for continued partnerships with community members who share our values of professionalism, respect, integrity, diversity and excellence.
Organization Excellence and Sustainability:
The Barrie Police Service is constantly striving to improve its effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Service is exploring innovative technology, evidence based policing methods and training enhancements to ensure implementation of new strategies that will assist the Barrie Police Service in supporting community safety while focusing on financial efficiencies. Our people continue to be the core success of our Service, and we are confident the direction outlined in our new plan will strengthen our policing practices in our community.

As we enter a new era in the history of our Service with our move to a new headquarters in early 2020, we will remain committed to our community and continue to work with our partners to collaboratively address the needs within the City of Barrie.


Kimberley Greenwood
Chief of Police
Angela Lockridge, Chair
Police Services Board


Angela Lockridge,
2020 Police Services Board Chair

Kimberley Greenwood,
Chief of Police


Scroll through our interactive 2020-2022 Strategic Plan or click the headings below to explore.

Barrie Police Service Timeline

2019 Community Safety
Survey Results

Saying Thank You

Additional Resources

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What is pictured does not necessarily reflect the current guidelines on distancing and wearing of P.P.E.


Policing excellence to ensure a safe and secure community.


To enhance our community by providing professional, accountable and sustainable police services.


Through our actions and dedication, we model the principles of

Diversity and




Visible & Approchable Police Service
  • Increasing visibility through effective deployment
  • Effective downtown strategy
Safer Roads & Pathways
  • Education and research-based traffic enforcement
  • Using technology designerd to enhance traffic safety
Supportive Victim Services
  • Researching and implementing online reporting for victims
  • Increasing community awareness of vulnerable victim groups



Community Partner in Proactive Policing
  • Utilizing advisory committees to enhance service delivery
  • Actively participating in community events and encouraging volunteerism
Trust & Transparency with the Community
  • Town hall meetings to discuss safety and well-being
  • Emphasis on customer service and appropriate police response to calls for service
Authentic Two-Way Communication with Community & Members
  • Transparent and approchable leadership
  • Technology that is designed to enhance data and information sharing



Safe & Supportive Workplace
  • Enhanced member wellness
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment
Progressive Professional Development
  • Adopt human resource good practices
  • Greater offering of professional development opportunities
Leaders in Innovative Policing Practices
  • Using technolgoy designed to improve efficiencies and front-line deployment
  • Utilization of evidence-based policing to address community issues

Looking Forward

2020 Strategic Plan Accomplishments

Strategic Priority 1: Crime Prevention, Community Safety & Law Enforcement

Strategic Priority 2: Community Engagement & Collaboration

Strategic Priority 3: Organization Excellence & Sustainability

Barrie Simcoe Emergency Services Campus

As of March 16, 2020, the new Barrie Police Service headquarters located at the Barrie Simcoe Emergency Services Campus, 110 Fairview Road, is fully operational.

Construction on 110 Fairview Road began in November 2017, and by March 7, 2020, the Service began moving to the new Campus. Throughout the move the Barrie Police Service maintained business continuity, with no service interruptions, and was completely operational just prior to COVID-19 restrictions coming into effect. The transition to a single location has proven to be a definite advantage in managing the pandemic response.

Partnering with other First Responders, the Barrie Simcoe Emergency Services Campus brings together the Barrie Police Service, Simcoe County Paramedic Services and Barrie Fire and Emergency Service. It also provides additional space for Barrie Police Service partners such as Victim Services of Simcoe County and the Collision Reporting Centre (Accident Support Services International Limited). The Campus provides cost-efficiencies, and its central location allows for a more effective response across the community.

Click on the image below to view an image gallery of our new location.

2019 Community Safety

Survey Results

Thank you to all of our community members who participated in our 2020-2022 Barrie Police Service Strategic Plan Community Safety Survey. Your feedback contributes to accurate and reliable data that helps us better understand the needs of our community and track the local impact of our programs and initiatives.

Respondents’ Top Three Identified Community Safety + Well-Being Priorities

40% Crime Prevention
37% Housing + Homelessness
27% Community Safety
20% Traffic Safety
11% Human Trafficking
3% Partner Violence
55% Substance Misuse
45% Mental Health
8% Other
4% Childhood Development
2% Food Security
1% Injury Prevention
18% Poverty + Income
12% At-Risk Adult Support
11% Service Coordinator
10% Skill Development
9% At- Risk Youth Support
4% Community Belonging
1% Newcomer Support

Community Satisfaction with the Barrie Police Service, 2018




No Opinion



Street Safety Results

(Pedestrians + Vehicle Traffic)




No Opinion


Not Safe

How effectively is the Barrie Police Service responding to community needs?

Confidence in the Barrie Police Service




No Opinion



A Snapshot of


A Place to Grow: “ Growth Plan For the Greater Golden Horseshoe.” Ontario.ca, Lieutenant Governor in Council, May 2019, A Place to Grow: Growth plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe | Ontario.ca

City of Barrie : Data Based on Census Profile, 2016 Statistics Canada. 2017. Barrie, CY [Census subdivision], Ontario and Simcoe, CTY [Census division], Ontario (table). Census Profile. 2016 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-316-X2016001. Ottawa. Released November 29, 2017.


Thank You

We would like to extend a special thank you to the many individuals, groups and organizations that have helped us develop our 2020-2022 Barrie Police Service Strategic Plan and work with us daily to ensure a safe and secure community. Our partnerships and community collaborations make us a more resilient community and we thank those who continue to work alongside us in the 2020-2022 term.

      • Members of the Barrie Police Services Board for their guidance and participation in the Strategic Planning process and yearly operations.

      • The City of Barrie and Provincial officials who continue to support and enhance our abilities to provide meaningful change in the Barrie community.

      • The residents of the City of Barrie who provided feedback through our Community Safety Survey and provide on-going collaboration through valuable tools such as our online citizens reporting system, bully button, key holder registry, crime prevention through environmental design program, vulnerable person registry and many other fantastic initiatives.

      • Our community partners and agencies who work alongside us on committees, special events and day-to-day operations. It is because of these partnerships that we are able to offer a full range of services to victims and at-risk individuals.

      • Our many appreciated volunteers who help throughout the year for special events and on-going programs such as our Auxiliary Police, Citizens on Patrol and participants in our Citizen Police Academy.

      • Most importantly, members of our Barrie Police Service and their families for their on-going dedication to making the City of Barrie a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

Comment from

The Community


“I admire the police for their fortitude in performing a vital job under tough circumstances. Please continue to be proud of helping to maintain a safe and lawful society.”

-Community Safety Survey Respondent 2019


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