With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Barrie Police Service wasn’t able to hold our annual in-person awards ceremony in 2021. Although we were pleased to be able to present the awards to the recipients throughout the year, in a safe, and physically distanced manner, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize the bravery, exceptional achievements and the efforts of citizens and members of the Barrie Police Service throughout 2020.

“The Annual Awards Ceremony is a chance to recognize members of our community and our Service for their outstanding acts of bravery, altruism and their contribution to public safety and well-being,” said Chief Kimberley Greenwood. “Although 2020 was a challenging year, it didn’t stop the award recipients from going above and beyond in their commitment to keep our community safe. I would like to congratulate all the award recipients and on behalf of our Service, I offer our most sincere thanks and appreciation for their actions.”

“As Chair of the Barrie Police Services Board, it is heartening to reflect on the many positive actions that took place throughout 2020,” said Barrie Police Services Board Chair Greg Ferguson. “In a year that was extremely difficult for many, I am inspired to see that there are still so many individuals in our Service and in our community who continue to display exceptional dedication, bravery and compassion. On behalf of our community, I share our deepest gratitude for the individuals who have received these awards.”

Please join us in congratulating those who received awards for their actions throughout 2020.

Bravery Award

Awarded to a member or Citizen for an act of exceptional bravery in the face of great danger and/or risk to themselves.


  • Constable Kelly, Constable Thompson, Constable Harris, Constable Hall
    For rescuing a woman in distress in Kempenfelt Bay.

Chief of Police Award

This is awarded to a member(s) or citizen(s) for dedication and perseverance to a task that promotes the Barrie Police Service either internally or in the community.


  • Staff Sergeant Goodbrand
    For implementation of the BPS digital evidence management system, including body-worn cameras. 
  • Deputy Chief Johnston, Inspector Moore, Sergeant Talarico, Staff Sergeant Fearon, Danielle Hutchinson, Alicia McLeod, Peter Leon
    For their efforts as the Police Operations Centre for BPS’ COVID-19 response. 
  • Sexual Violence Review Table: Teresa McLennan, Charmain Nolan, Alison Williams, Sarah Tilley, Cassie Roberts
    For their commitment to the Sexual Violence Review Table and helping BPS improve our approaches and investigations into sexual violence.

Formal Commendation

Awarded to commend a member for excellent work that goes beyond the normal or expected level of work performance.


  • Olivia Duncan, Sergeant Henderson
    For their commitment to assisting a victim of a fail-to-remain and attention to detail that resulted in an arrest.
  • Project Glaze Team
    For their efforts in a months-long investigation that led to the largest seizure of cocaine and cash in the history of BPS. 
  • Cst. Kelly, Cst. Thompson & Cst. Lacy
    For their investigation during a traffic stop that resulted in the seizure of a loaded firearm. 
  • Sgt. Henderson, Cst. Kelly, Cst. Henderson
    For their investigation of a vehicle suspected to be involved in drug and firearm trafficking, and the seizure of drugs, cash, and a loaded firearm. 
  • D/C Carleton & D/C Pye
    For their dedication to an investigation into a violent home invasion with uncooperative victims that led to the identification, arrest and guilty plea of two individuals. 
  • Project Moon Investigator
    For recognizing that a Toronto gang had become active in Barrie, and the investigation that led to the arrest of 10 individuals and the eradication of this organization in Barrie. 
  • Cst. Todd
    For his lifesaving efforts at a serious motor vehicle collision while off-duty, and his consideration of the impact the scene had on the civilian witnesses.

Civilian Recognition

Awarded to a Civilian member who has gone above and beyond the requirements of their normal duties in the commitment to BPS and/or the community.


  • Angela Andrade
    For her unwavering commitment to improving the mental and physical health of our members and their families. 
  • Jeff Weeks & IT Unit
    For their tireless efforts to ensure the Barrie Police Service was connected upon occupancy of our new headquarters, and during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Citizen Award

A Citizen or Agency that has assisted and cooperated with BPS in such a manner that their actions merit special recognition may be awarded a Letter of Appreciation or a BPS Citizen Award. 


  • Darren Buck, Georgian Bay Volunteer Search and Rescue
    For his dedication to the GBVSAR over the past 20 years, and his willingness to always assist the Barrie Police Service in significant searches and annual training days.

Lifesaving Award

Awarded to a member or Citizen for an act that results in the rescue or the saving of a person’s life. 

  • Sgt. Fitzgerald, Cst. Hemington & Cst. Whitehead
    For their efforts to rescue a suspect suffering from significant self-inflicted wounds in a crawl space who advised investigators he wanted to thank the officers who saved his life. 
  • Cst. Speers
    For working with civilian boat owners to make two separate rescues on Kempenfelt Bay of individuals who were in distress during a severe weather event. 
  • Cst. Stoodley (OPP)
    For joining the search for a missing vulnerable female while he was off-duty and locating the female who had been out all night in the elements. 
  • SPC O’Hanlon
    For performing CPR while off-duty on a female experiencing a seizure in a local pharmacy, until paramedics arrived.

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