Barrie Police Service crest with the words Barrie Police, an image of a masonry crown representing civic authority. On the crown are two wavy blue lines alluding to Barrie’s location on the lake, these are set over five interlacing gold lines representing the five major provincial highways that intersect Barrie.


Barrie Police Service

Annual Report

Information Technology


Technology has become a critical part of day-to-day operations in the Barrie Police Service, and the Information Technology & Security Unit (IT Unit) has an important role in ensuring everything functions effectively and efficiently. From assisting with minor computer issues to creating comprehensive data systems, the IT Unit helps the Service run smoothly for its internal members while also finding innovative ways to improve customer service for the local community.



Support Tickets in 2021


Resolved in One Day

The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have continually increased the need and volume of service demand from the Barrie Police Service IT Unit. Members focused upon the expansion of remote work capabilities to ensure ongoing improvements for digital management systems and virtual meeting sustainability as the Service navigated through 2021.

IT Unit achievements include:

  • Downtown closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera additions,  enhancements & infrastructure improvements
  • Electronic booking systems
  • Emergency IT support during tornado
  • Fleet management software
  • Improved and assisted with transition to virtual courts
  • Maintaining Digital Evidence Management System
  • Print management software
  • Process automation to create workflow efficiencies
  • Strengthened internal & external information sharing

Information Technology

New Initiatives

In February of 2021, the Barrie Police Service launched a Security Camera Registry where community members can voluntarily register their home security cameras with the Barre Police Service to support officers in investigations. The registry gives insight to officers on where cameras may have captured footage in the event of an investigation that takes part in the vicinity of the registered camera. Officers never have access to the camera equipment or feed and owners can decline when contacted for their footage. The information gathered from the cameras can give quick and essential in cases of missing persons as well as criminal investigations.

The Information Technology Unit (IT Unit) has been essential to helping improve efficiencies by assisting with the development of data dashboards and analysis. In 2021, the IT Unit assisted the evidence-based working group in developing live data dashboards that give a visual representation of datasets that track occurrences and locations of high-harm crimes. These dashboards can assist in improving efficiencies and contributing to a safe and secure community.

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