Barrie Police Service crest with the words Barrie Police, an image of a masonry crown representing civic authority. On the crown are two wavy blue lines alluding to Barrie’s location on the lake, these are set over five interlacing gold lines representing the five major provincial highways that intersect Barrie.


Barrie Police Service

Annual Report

Greg Ferguson
Board Chair

A message from

the Board Chair

As the Chair of the Barrie Police Services Board, I am honoured to present the 2021 Annual Report of the Barrie Police Service.

This past year continued to be one of unprecedented challenge, although we were able to move slowly back towards a new normal, even hosting several in-person board meetings, albeit with proper personal protective equipment and physical distancing.

I would like to recognize my fellow board members for their commitment and flexibility as we navigated another year of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. This year the board welcomed a new member, Lynn Strachan, who brings invaluable experience in municipal government as a former municipal councillor and has held numerous volunteer and community positions throughout her career. Ms. Strachan replaced former member and Chair Angela Lockridge, who we thank for her years of dedicated service and guidance.

We also welcomed the appointment of Deputy Chief Rich Johnston who brings with him more than 20 years of experience within our organization, and a dedication to implementing evidence-based policing.

Evidence-based policing uses research and evidence as a means to inform the decision-making process. As a board we look forward to the findings of these research projects and sharing those results with our internal and external stakeholder groups.

Our goal as a board is to work in the present to ensure the Service is well-positioned for the future. We know that as Barrie continues to grow and welcome more and more people to live, work, and play in our community, we will face changing pressures and obligations.

As a board, we are excited at the range of initiatives that are underway within the Service to ensure we are providing the most fiscally responsible, community focused, professional policing services to our city. From evidence-based policing to our Community Safety & Well-Being Team Pilot and Systemic Review, the Barrie
Police Service and the board are committed to moving forward in a collaborative, community-focused manner that works to reduce harm and improve well-being.

I am proud to be involved with such a progressive Service and I look forward to continuing to implement the goals and priorities in our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan.

Greg Ferguson,
Chair, Police Services Board

Kimberley Greenwood
Chief of Police

A message from

the Chief of Police

On behalf of the Barrie Police Service, I am privileged to present the 2021 Annual Report. This report reflects on the accomplishments of our Service and members as we worked together to enhance our community through another turbulent year.

Although 2021 didn’t bring us back to normal the way we had hoped, it did give us the time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Our Systemic Review was completed in 2021 and provided the opportunity to examine the organizational culture within our Service. We have committed to making our Service more welcoming, accepting, and inclusive and look forward to implementing recommendations from the report and exceeding the expectations of those who participated in the Systemic Review.

Looking forward, we will continue to embrace evidencebased policing with the goal to embed it in all areas of our Service. One such area is our pilot for a newly formed Community Safety and Well-Being Team that has been deployed based on our high-harm index. The index measures the incident’s level of harm rather than treating all levels of crime equally. This allows us to focus our resources on areas where we can make the biggest impact and reduce harm within our community.

The health and well-being of our community is a team approach and our collaboration with the City of Barrie and our fellow action partners in the 2021-2024 Community Safety and Well-Being Plan has reinforced the need for us to work together. This plan offers a holistic view of wellbeing
in our city that includes not only police but all of our partners working towards a safer community.

A dramatic example of this collaboration was seen in July when the southeast area of Barrie experienced a devastating tornado that thankfully, didn’t result in any fatalities. This significant weather event was eerily similar to the 1985 tornado and offered another opportunity to consider the progress we have made in terms of our excellent training initiatives and programs. It is today’s training that will equip us with the skills we require to respond more effectively to the needs of the future.

That future is filled with promise as we continue to be leaders in innovative policing practices, like hot spot policing, adult diversion programs, and our evidence-based policing models. Together, these initiatives help to reduce harm in our community and serve the City of Barrie and all of its residents.

As we look back on all we have accomplished in 2021, I am filled with hope and appreciation. We have rallied together throughout difficult times and I hope that in 2022 we can move closer to our ‘new normal’ while not forgetting the lessons we have learned through the challenges we faced in 2021.


Kimberley Greenwood,
Chief of Police

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