Barrie Police Service crest with the words Barrie Police, an image of a masonry crown representing civic authority. On the crown are two wavy blue lines alluding to Barrie’s location on the lake, these are set over five interlacing gold lines representing the five major provincial highways that intersect Barrie.


Barrie Police Service

Annual Report

  Barrie Police Service

Organizational Chart


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While no major adjustments or alterations were made to the Organizational Chart in 2021, the Barrie Police Service continue to update the unit names to best reflect the professional policing services that are provided.

Barrie Police Services


The Barrie Police Services Board is a civilian governance body that meets regularly throughout the year and ensures the Barrie Police Service provides adequate and effective policing services for the City of Barrie. Meetings continue to be streamed virtually and can be viewed on the website at In 2021, past Chair Angela Lockridge completed her term on the board and Lynn Strachan was appointed by the province to fill the
vacancy. Ms. Strachan has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the board. The Barrie Police Service is thankful for her expertise and commitment to the Barrie Police Services Board.

From Left to Right Front Row: (Council Appointment: Mayor Jeff Lehman, Board Chair: Greg Ferguson, Vice-Chair: Councillor Robert Thomson)
From Left to Right Back Row: (Board Administrator: Sarah Young, Provincial Appointment: Lynn Strachan, Provincial Appointment: Arif Khan)

Board Chair


Vice Chair


Board Administrator



You can view all the Barrie Police Services Board meetings on the

Barrie Police Service YouTube channel: Barrie Police – YouTube


Past Board Chair Angela Lockridge

In January of 2021, past Chair Angela Lockridge completed her term on the Barrie Police Services Board after almost a decade of service as a board member and over three years as the Board Chair.

In her time with the board, she demonstrated her keen and unwavering dedication to the Barrie Police Service and the general membership. She came to the Barrie Police Services Board with a passion to serve her community and has helped shape the Service
to be a leader in the policing industry and ensure excellence as the Barrie Police Service continues to provide professional, accountable
and sustainable policing services to the residents of Barrie.

Deputy Chief Rich Johnston


On June 24, 2021, the Barrie Police Services Board was pleased to announce the appointment of Inspector Rich Johnston to the position of Deputy Chief–Operations Command.

Deputy Chief Johnston is currently responsible for Operational and Investigative Services which includes front-line response and specialized investigative units such as Homicide, Electronic Crimes and Crimes Against Persons. Deputy Chief Johnston continues to champion evidence-based policing practices throughout all areas of the Barrie Police Service and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Society of Evidence-Based Policing as the Director of Research.

After serving almost a year with the Ontario Provincial Police, Deputy Chief Johnston began his policing career with the Barrie Police Service in 1998 and has served in various roles throughout the Service, including Uniform Patrol, Tactical Support and Operational Support. Prior to his promotion to Deputy Chief, he was the Inspector responsible for Investigative Services.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Philosophy from Queen’s University, a Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies from the University of Guelph and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Applied Criminology and Police Management from the University of Cambridge in England.

Click the image below to view footage of Deputy Rich Johnston’s Swearing in ceremony.

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