The Finance Unit is responsible for the overall financial management of the Barrie Police Service. They lead the financial planning of the annual Operating and Capital Budget, year-end audit, and the day-to-day accounting functions of time and attendance, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The Finance Unit also supports the decision-making process by providing financial analysis and insights across the Service.


Staffing salaries, benefits and overtime made up 94% of the Barrie Police Service Budget.

Quartermaster Unit 

The Quartermaster Unit is the first contact for any new hire with the Barrie Police Service and is responsible for the sourcing, storage and distribution of all uniforms and equipment for the Barrie Police Service.

Have you ever noticed the distinct epaulets on officers’ shoulders?

Each epaulet alludes to a ranking within the service with the crown and three leaves representing the Chief, the crown and two leaves identifying the Deputy Chief, and two leaves representing the role of Inspector. The crown with three chevrons represents a Staff Sergeant rank, while the three chevrons represent a Sergeant and a blank epaulet identifies a Constable. Cadets, Special Constables and Auxiliary members also receive identifying epaulets with special epaulets designed to support important awareness campaigns like Pride and Truth and Reconciliation Day.

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