Barrie Police Cruisers

As part of the Barrie Police Service’s Evidence-Based Policing Initiatives, the Service has been looking at different aspects of police visibility within our community.

In July 2022, a new test design for the Barrie Police Service (BPS) cruisers, one of the most visible elements of the Service, was unveiled to the public.

Three existing cruisers were updated with a half-Battenburg or checkerboard design and were operational throughout the community with the Community Safety & Well-Being Teams, as well as the Traffic Unit used these test vehicles.

The Battenburg pattern was created in the United Kingdom (UK) to enhance visibility and recognition of police vehicles from further distances. This can help enhance officer and public safety by reducing the likelihood of collisions, as well as encouraging motorists to drive more carefully when police have a visible presence. Higher police visibility has the potential to reduce or prevent opportunities to commit crimes.

This design incorporates blue and lime‐green/yellow, which is the most visible colour from a distance.

Retroreflective fluorescent markings on the cars are shown to be extremely effective at increasing visibility based on Canadian research regarding transport trucks, and UK research on emergency vehicles. A full white retro‐reflective outline can be seen from 601 meters (approx. 2000 ft) away in clear conditions, 333 meters in snow, and 284 meters in rain.

The design is focused on the side of the vehicle, making it more noticeable to motorists passing by and reducing side-impact collisions. It offers strengthened visibility from further distances and even in rain or snow.

This project was funded through the Community Safety and Policing Grant.

For more information

For more information, please contact Organizational Researcher Madison Charman at [email protected] or 705-725-7025 Ext. 2244.

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