Public Complaints

Submitting a Complaint

  • You may file a complaint about the conduct of police officers with the Law Enforcement Complaints Agency by submitting a completed form through the LECA website.
  • Please note, complaints may be screened out if they are made more than six months after the incident.

Please see the following guide for which agency to contact, depending on the nature of your complaint.

Contact the Law Enforcement Complaints Agency (LECA) for complaints regarding:

  • Misconduct of police officers

Contact the Inspectorate of Policing for complaints regarding:

  • Inadequate or ineffective policing, police service board member misconduct or other policing complaints (i.e. police service is not in compliance with CSPA)

Contact the Barrie Police Service Board for complaints regarding:

  • The Board’s policies or procedures established by the Chief of Police.

Contact the Chief of Police for complaints about Special Constables. Please use the fillable MS Word form found below.


You can submit 2 types of complaints:

  • About the policies of, or services provided by the Barrie Police Service
  • About the conduct of a police officer of the Barrie Police Service

What should you include in your complaint?

In addition to full contact information (name, address, phone number) and date of birth, please try to provide the following information.


Which police service and/or police officer (name, number or physical description if known) is your complaint about?


Where in Ontario did the incident(s) happen?


What date(s) and time(s) did the incident(s) take place?


Please describe what happened in as much detail as you can.

More Information

If you would like assistance or advice when filling out your complaint form:

  • Many local community organizations offer assistance with you complaint and often provide translation services.
  • You do not need a lawyer to file your complaint, but a lawyer or legal clinic can provide advice and assistance with your complaint.
  • You may ask for assistance at any regional, municipal, or provincial police station.

Discipline Hearings

For more information about potential disciplinary procedures please review the Community Safety and Policing Act.

For more information, please visit the Tribunals Ontario site.

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