As more and more people install security cameras as part of their efforts to deter crime in their neighbourhoods, the Barrie Police Service is launching a camera registry to assist officers in quickly determining the location of security cameras that may assist in investigations. 

The Camera Registry is a completely voluntary, free initiative that only asks residents and businesses to complete a brief registration form to identify the location of their external-facing cameras. If an incident happens in the area, police may contact you to ask if your camera captured any relevant footage. 

Police never have access to your camera equipment or feed, and camera owners can decline to participate when contacted. Security camera footage has been critical in investigations within our community as well as across Ontario, with cameras capturing footage that proves helpful in criminal investigations, as well as cases like missing persons. 

By registering your security camera, you can be a part of preventing and addressing crime in your neighbourhood. 

For more information or to join the registry, please the Security Camera Registry page under “Safety and Crime Prevention.”

Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator, Jennett Mays


Why is the Barrie Police Service creating this registry?

In the course of an investigation, the Barrie Police Service may canvass the surrounding area for home or business security cameras that may provide footage relevant to the investigation. The process takes time and resources. A registry will allow officers to quickly identify the location of nearby cameras, and residents or businesses to contact.

Does registering give police access to my camera feed?

No. By registering, you let police know that you have an external-facing camera on your property. If there is an investigation in the area of your camera, police may reach out to you to ask if you are willing to share any footage your camera may have captured. Police will not access your camera feed or equipment, and you can decline to participate at any time.

Can I un-register?

Yes. If you move, no longer have your cameras, or decide you don’t want to be a part of the registry, you can contact the Barrie Police Service and ask to be removed from the registry.

Do I have to provide footage to police when asked?

No. At all times, your participation remains completely voluntary. Police are hopeful that members of the registry will be willing to provide footage when contacted, but there is no requirement to participate. If there is an investigation near your camera, you may be contacted to ask if you are willing to share any relevant footage, but you can decline at any point.

Will information about my address or camera be shared publicly?

No. Members of the Barrie Police Service will have access to the locations and contact information for those who have submitted their information to the registry.

How often will I be contacted regarding my camera?

We hope we don’t have to contact you regarding your camera at all! You will only be contacted if an incident occurs in your area, and police believe your camera may have captured relevant footage.

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