Late Wednesday night and again early on Thursday morning, the Barrie Police Service responded two suspicious incidents that occurred within close proximity of one another. The incidents occurred on Gwendolyn Crescent and Esther Drive and involve an unknown male ringing the doorbell.

Although nothing serious transpired, the late hour of these doorbell rings concerned the homeowners enough that they took note of the individual and two vehicles that were involved. The male is described as male black, dressed in black clothing which included black Nike running shoes with a white swoosh logo, black Vans track pants, a black Nike hooded sweatshirt and what appears to be a mask around his neck. He was clean shaven male with dark hair which is long on the top and short on the sides.

At the Gwendolyn Crescent home, a second male was observed, but he was standing at the bottom of the homeowner’s driveway.

The males ran from the house and were seen entering what was believed to have been a gray coloured Toyota 4 Runner. In the other occurrence (Esther Drive), the lone male described above only approached the home and it was believed he fled to an awaiting Toyota Tacoma, gray in colour with a silver cap was involved.

Barrie Police is reminding homeowners to never open their door to a stranger and to always make sure that all doors to your home are locked. Surveillance cameras are always an excellent addition to home security and security lighting can also serve as a deterrent to potential malfeasant activity.

Homeowners are also encouraged to take note of suspicious vehicles or people who may not reside in your neighbourhood and never to hesitate calling police if you are concerned. It is better to error on the side of caution than to wait for something to happen before contacting police especially when suspicious people or motor vehicles are involved.

Occurrence #: BA24005865/BA24005866
Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator Peter Leon


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