Now that summer is in full swing, and people are spending more time outside, the familiar sounds of noisy mufflers and modified vehicles unfortunately begins to increase as well. 

Vehicle owners who modify their exhaust systems, or remove the mufflers entirely, intentionally cause the vehicles to be unnecessarily loud and disruptive to residents. 

Noisy cars are one of the most frequent concerns received by the Barrie Police Service. Our Traffic Unit officers have provided additional training and resources to front-line officers to ensure they are familiar with what to look for when stopping a vehicle, and how to enforce the noisy vehicle sections of the Highway Traffic Act

Over the coming months, Barrie Police will conduct ongoing enhanced enforcement, focusing on modified vehicles, and loud vehicles in particular. As part of this initiative, officers from Barrie Police will collaborate with officers from nearby police services to carry out inspections. 

“We have heard from our community that modified vehicles that create excessive noise are a concern in many areas of the city,” said Chief Kimberley Greenwood. “Safety for all road users is important to the Barrie Police Service and through this enforcement initiative we are aiming to reduce the number of illegally modified, unsafe vehicles travelling on our roads and causing disruptive noise throughout our community.” 

If you have concerns over noisy vehicles, please fill out our online Traffic Complaint form online at: citizens-online-reporting/. This allows our Traffic Unit can determine the areas where noisy vehicles are occurring. The Barrie Police Service has also been working with our Citizens on Patrol (COPS) volunteers to conduct a traffic speed survey and monitor for noisy vehicles. Data collected will be used to strategically deploy our traffic enforcement resources.

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