A day doesn’t seem to go by where someone is either reporting suspicious activity caught on their home video surveillance camera or where an unlocked vehicle has been entered overnight and items that include wallets, laptops, electronic devices and anything else of value has been obtained.

Sadly, while you are asleep, there are opportunistic thieves out checking motor vehicles that are parked in driveways. These persons are often caught checking for unlocked cars and trucks and are more than happy to help themselves to what you may have left behind.

A locked door is your best defence and making sure that you leave nothing valuable behind is also sound advice.

Barrie Police make these reminders regularly, but the thefts continue. Everyone one of these thefts is preventable by simply remembering to lock your doors.

By locking your car or truck every time you leave it, whether it be in in your driveway, garage or public parking lot and not leaving valuables behind, you will not become a victim.

Police appreciate when people make them aware of incidents that are captured by home video surveillance as this can assist them with potentially identifying suspects where thefts are reported.

Thefts of this nature, where there are no suspects can be reported to Barrie Police by visiting our website at www.barriepolice.ca and simply clicking onto the heading entitled Online Reporting. This heading will provide detailed instructions on how to make your report and also with an occurrence number that you can retain for reference purposes.

Prepared by: Corporate Communications


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