An employee of a Welham Road business immediately knew something was wrong when just before 7:00 a.m. this morning he attended to the parking lot where two work vehicles had been parked since Wednesday and proceeded to start them up. As he did so, both vehicles emitted a very loud sound that was not expected. A closer examination of both of these pickup trucks revealed that the catalytic converters had been stolen. One of the trucks also had a tonneau cover that was damaged and will require replacement.

Another complaint has been received where five catalytic converters were stolen from a southwest Barrie business. These thefts have left this business owner in a position where he is unable to operate his business as the work-related vehicles require repair and catalytic converter replacement before they can be safely driven again.

Barrie Police is reminding business and homeowners that these types of thefts are again taking place in our community and where possible, vehicles should be parked indoors, in a secure compound or in area where video surveillance is in place.  The use of aftermarket devices such as a catalytic converter shield kit or the use of bright coloured high temperature spray paint being applied to the catalytic converter  can help prevent people and business owners from becoming the next victim.

Occurrence #: BA23017607/BA23017827​
Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator, Peter Leon


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