The Barrie Police Services Board has a duty to ensure we are making the best possible use of taxpayers’ dollars every year. The Barrie Police Service continues to focus on community safety and well-being and the role the service plays within the broader network of social services. Preparations are underway for the 2021 Budget and the service aligns budget submissions with the guidelines from the City of Barrie Council and Finance Department, which are provided to all service partners. We recognize that COVID -19 and other pressures this year have created challenges for municipal budgets.

The Barrie Police Services Board is committed to enhancing public engagement and public education surrounding our Budget process, and look forward to working with the community and the City of Barrie to ensure that the 2021 Budget request is fiscally responsible and serves the community, while still ensuring the service can meet responsibilities under the Police Services Act.  Feedback and suggestions with regards to the 2021 Budget can be provided to the Police Services Board through several forums including email, deputations, and a Budget Questionnaire.

We welcome your feedback by emailing [email protected].  The community engagement process will also allow for deputations to be made to Police Services Board members on July 23, 2020, beginning at 7:00 pm virtually, and this link to the Police Services Board will detail how deputations can be made. In addition, a Budget Questionnaire, which will be available in August, will allow for community priorities to be identified. This additional tool will allow the community to provide information that can be utilized as the Police Services Board prepares the upcoming budget.

The Barrie Police Service motto is “committed to our community” and we welcome your input, suggestions, and ideas. The Barrie Police Services Board has provided the community with several options that encourage participation and engagement, and we welcome your willingness to participate in a process that is focused on community safety and well-being.

-Angela Lockridge
Barrie Police Services Board Chair

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