Community Services Unit

The Barrie Police Service motto is Committed to our Community and our members strive every day to embody this.

We are proud to demonstrate our commitment through our support of Special Olympics, our involvement in various community charitable events, and our services to support and protect victims.

Our Community Services Unit is responsible for Crime Prevention, School Resource Officers, and the safety patroller program.

Safety Patrol Program

The CAA School Safety Patrol program is a joint partnership between CAA, the police, school boards, teachers, parents and more than 25,000 dedicated student volunteers who give their time to ensure their peers remain safe at schools and on school buses throughout South Central Ontario.

The CAA School Safety Patrol program has been helping keep communities safe for over 80 years. Today, more than 70,000 Canadian students give millions of hours of their time each year to ensure their peers stay safe while traveling to and from school.

Students have the opportunity to build lasting relationships as well as develop qualities such as focus, responsibility, and leadership.

School Safety Patroller Duties

Bus Patrollers:

  • Set a proper example and educate their classmates on how to ride the school bus
  • Are trained to assist students in getting on and off the bus using safety procedures
  • Help bus drivers with emergency exit evacuations

Foot Patrollers:

  • Are responsible for monitoring road and driveway crossings and designated student pick-up and drop-off areas
  • Help prevent any collisions between cars and pedestrians
  • Follow safe street-crossing rules and set a proper example
  • It’s important to remember that Foot Patrollers do not stop or direct traffic; rather, they act as role models and help their fellow students stay safe.

For more information on the Safety Patrol program please contact your elementary school’s liaison officer.

Blue - The Barrie Police Service Mascot

The Barrie Police Service welcomed the arrival of their first mascot in the spring of 2012. Thanks to input from the community, the name Blue was given to the German Shepherd Mascot. Blue enjoys attending various community service events throughout the year and is loved by young and old.

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