Fraud Alerts

Fraud Prevention Month – Mortgage Frauds

Buying a home is likely the biggest financial transaction most people will take part in, and homebuyers should be aware of a new type of fraud that could have a big impact on your purchase.  After gaining access to sensitive information about your real estate...

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Fraud Friday – Be aware of investment scams

There’s a reason why they’re called get rich quick “schemes”. More often than not, they’re a fraud.  If you are presented with an unsolicited investment opportunity, even from someone you know, an investment opportunity that has a higher than normal return, or if...

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Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Prevention Month and throughout the month we’ll be sharing Fraud Alerts and additional information on how to recognize, reject and report fraud. Visit for more information.  In 2022, the CAFC received fraud reports...

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Reporting Fraud

If you suspect you may be a target of fraud, or if you have already sent funds, don’t be embarrassed – you’re not alone.

If you have lost money through fraud, you can call the Barrie Police Service Fraud Unit at 705-725-7025, or report the fraud online

If you want to report an attempted fraud, or if you need more information, contact The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

By phone:
9a.m. – 4:45 p.m., M-F
Eastern Time

CAFC Fraud Reporting System

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