Fraud Alerts

Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Prevention Month and throughout the month we’ll be sharing Fraud Alerts and additional information on how to recognize, reject and report fraud. Visit for more information.  In 2022, the CAFC received fraud reports...

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Beware of Grandparent Scams this Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, Barrie Police are reminding the public that fraudsters will use any opportunity – even the festive season – to take advantage of others. At this time of year, grandparents might expect a call from a grandchild they haven’t seen in a while,...

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Fraud Alert: Scam targeting Alectra customers

The Barrie Police Service Fraud Unit has received reports recently from businesses in the Barrie area reporting that they have been targeted by fraudsters claiming to be from Alectra Utilities. The caller claims that they are from Alectra and that the victim’s hydro...

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Reporting Fraud

If you suspect you may be a target of fraud, or if you have already sent funds, don’t be embarrassed – you’re not alone.

If you have lost money through fraud, you can call the Barrie Police Service Fraud Unit at 705-725-7025, or report the fraud online

If you want to report an attempted fraud, or if you need more information, contact The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

By phone:
9a.m. – 4:45 p.m., M-F
Eastern Time

CAFC Fraud Reporting System

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