An Introduction To

Evidence-Based Policing

Day 1 - Monday, December 11

0800 – 0830: Breakfast

0830 – 0845: Welcome from Chief Johnston
Barrie Police Service

0845 – 0900: Evidence-Based Policing at Barrie Police Service
Chief Rich Johnston & Madison Charman, Barrie Police Service

0900 – 1000: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Policing
A/Sgt. Jessica Mullen & Sarah Harmer, London Police Service

1000 – 1015: Break

1015 – 1130: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Policing Continued
A/Sgt. Jessica Mullen & Sarah Harmer, London Police Service

1130 – 1200: Activity – What Works?
A/Sgt. Jessica Mullen & Viktoria Tumilowicz, Barrie Police Service

1200 – 1230: Lunch

1230 – 1330: Evidence-Based Policing: Evolution, Pracademic Community & Operationalizing Your Data
Dr. Renee Mitchell, Axon & American Society of Evidence-Based Policing

1330 – 1400: Role of Crime Analysts in Evidence-Based Policing
Sarah Harmer, London Police Service & Samantha Scott, Barrie Police Service

1400 – 1415: Break

1415 – 1500: #DoingEBP: Harm & Operationalizing Harm
Chief Rich Johnston, Staff Sergeant Randy Fitzgerald & Madison Charman, Barrie Police Service

1500 – 1545: Activity – Wall Walk
Joshua Dunsworth, Barrie Police Service

1545 – 1600: Day 1 – Closing Remarks
Chief Rich Johnston, Barrie Police Service


Day 2 - Tuesday, December 12

0830-0900: Welcome from Mayor of Barrie
Mayor Alex Nuttall, City of Barrie

0845-0900: Welcome from OACP Dr. Joe Couto
Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

0900-0945: #DoingEBP – Using Technology to Advance EBP Practices
Dr. Renee Mitchell, Axon & American Society of Evidence-Based Policing

0945-1000 Break

1000-1030 Evidence-Based Policing Units at LPS
A/Sgt Jessica Mullen & Sarah Harmer, London Police Service

1030-1130: #DoingEBP – Victim Choice Reporting
Sgt David Younan, London Police Service

1130-1200: Evidence-Based Policing Across the Justice Sector
Kate Wright, Crown Attorney Barrie’s Crown Attorney’s Office

1200-1230: Lunch

1230-1240: ‘Building Bridges at Blue’
Sergeant Stephanie McKibbon, Barrie Police Service

1240-1315: #DoingEBP – High Visibility Police Cars
Chief Rich Johnston & Madison Charman, Barrie Police Service

1315-1330: Break

1330-1430: Group Discussion – Barriers to EBP/Organizational Change
Dr. Hina Jawaid-Kalyal, London Police Service & Shannon Calladine, Barrie Police Service

1445-1500: Open Q&A – Evidence-Based Policing Resources and Next Steps
Barrie Police Service & London Police Service

1500: Closing Remarks

Chief Rich Johnston

Chief of Police, Barrie Police Service

Chief Johnston has been with the Barrie Police Service since 1998, serving in a variety of roles throughout the Service, including uniform patrol, Tactical Support, Operational Support, and Investigative Services. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Queen’s University, a Master’s in Leadership Studies from the University of Guelph and a Master’s degree in Applied Criminology and Police Management from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom).

Chief Johnston joined the senior command in 2018 as an Inspector, and was appointed as Deputy Chief in 2021. In 2022, Chief Johnston received the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Excellence in Leadership Award and was inducted into the Evidence-Based Policing Hall of Fame at the Centre for Evidence-Based Crime Policy at George Mason University.

Sergeant David Younan

London Police Service

David Younan is a Sergeant with the London Police Service in Ontario, and has been a police officer for 17 years. He has spent a large portion of his career in criminal investigations, specifically in the Guns and Gangs Section and has extensive experience working with confidential informers. Previously, he held the position of Sergeant within the Evidence-Based Policing Unit.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Political Science from Western University in London, Ontario, and a Master’s Degree in Applied Criminology and Police Management from Cambridge University in the UK.

Sergeant Jessica Mullen

London Police Service

Jessica Mullen has been a member of the London Police Service for 11 years. She is currently an A/Sgt in the Evidence Based Policing Unit. Jessica is a current student in the MSt in Applied Criminology and Police Management program at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. She is researching police attrition and retention and will be completed her thesis in January 2024.

Jessica has an Honors degree in Criminology from the University of Windsor. Her background in policing includes experience in front-line patrol, Internet Child Exploitation, and Sexual Assault and Child Abuse. Outside of her career, Jessica loves animals and exploring the world through travel.

Joe Couto

Director of Government Relations and Communications, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

Joe Couto is a veteran public policy and communications professional who brings 34 years of proven government relations and communication experience. Joe is currently in his 17th year as Director of Government Relations and Communications for the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. Prior to serving with OACP, he was Senior Consultant with Enterprise Canada Consultants Inc., one of Ontario’s leading government relations and communications firms, where he developed a thorough expertise in a number of public policy areas including municipal affairs, housing, energy, and taxation and fiscal policies.

Joshua Dunsworth

Strategic Planner, Barrie Police Service

As a seasoned corporate strategist, Josh has navigated roles at organizations including Rogers, LifeLabs, Toronto Transit Commission, and TELUS, culminating in the launch of his own firm. His expertise spans AI, business, and creative realms, as evidenced by model-driven novel writing. Holding an MBA and credentials in blockchain, digital currencies, six sigma, innovation, and project management, he is recognized for embedding structure in operations and fostering innovation. Throughout his career, Josh has remained dedicated to the pursuit of organizational excellence.

Kate Wright

Assistant Crown Attorney, Barrie

Kate Wright was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1993. She began practising in Newmarket as one of only two female criminal defence counsel. In 1998, she joined the Barrie Crown’s Office as an Assistant Crown Attorney. Ms Wright has specialized in the prosecution of sexual assaults, domestic violence and young offenders. She is currently the lead case Management Crown for Barrie and in that role continues to foster Crown and Police relations with an emphasis on police training.

She is also the first Crown in Canada to complete the EBP program from Cambridge.

Madison Charman

Organizational Researcher, Barrie Police Service

Madison Charman is an embedded researcher at the Barrie Police Service in Ontario, Canada. She leverages her research skills to fuse evidence-based methods with police practices and policies. She plays an integral role by operationalizing research to inform the operational and strategic decision-making at the Barrie Police Service, and is currently a PhD candidate at Ontario Tech University. 

Dr. Renee Mitchell

AXON & American Society of Evidence-Based Policing

Renée J. Mitchell served in the Sacramento Police Department for twenty-two years and was a Senior Research Scientist with RTI International. Currently she is a Principal Research Scientist of Evidence Based Policing at Axon Enterprise. She holds a BS in Psychology, a MA in Counseling Psychology, a MBA, a JD, and a PhD in Criminology from the University of Cambridge. She was a 2009/2010 Fulbright Police Research Fellow. You can view her TEDx talks, “Research Not Riots” and “Policing Needs to Change: Trust me I’m a Cop”, where she advocates for evidence-based policing. She is the co-founder and executive committee member of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing (ASEBP). She has taught and lectured internationally on evidence-based policing.

This year she is conducting training for Barrie Police Service in Canada and for the Georgia Police Officer’s Association conference this September. She trained the executive staff at the Austin Police Department this past February and is providing a keynote on how to apply experimental criminology practices for Fundación Paz Ciudadana in Santiago, Chile. She designed and ran an Applied Criminology and Data management Course (AC/DC) for ASEBP. The course teaches police leaders and researchers how to conduct rigorous field research in their own agencies.

For the last decade she has worked closely with police leaders to help them use their data operationally and execute their own research projects with several presenting their work at the International Association of Police Chiefs conference. Some of the agencies she has worked with are Portland Police Bureau, Grand Prairie Police Department, Burlington, North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, and Austin Police Department.

Her research areas included evidence-based crime prevention, place-based criminology, 911 calls for service, and counter bias training. She has published her work in the Journal of Experimental Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and the Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing. Her books include Evidence Based Policing: An introduction, Implementing Evidence-Based Research: A How to Guide for Police Organizations, and Twenty-one Mental Models That Can Change Policing: A Framework for Using Data and Research for Overcoming Cognitive Bias. Her Implementing Evidence-Based Research book recently won the American Society of Criminology, Division of Policing, Outstanding Book Award for 2022.

Samantha Scott

Tactical Operations Crime Analyst, Barrie Police Service

Samantha Scott has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Crime and Intelligence Analysis from Seneca College where she just recently graduated this past spring. She started at the Barrie Police Service as part of her co-op semester within her program, and continued to work as a part time student role throughout the rest of her studies. This past summer she began full-time employment at the BPS as the Tactical Operations Crime Analyst, where she assists with data driven initiatives, focusing on a EBP lens throughout the service. 

Sarah Harmer

London Police Service

Sarah has an Honors bachelor’s degree in psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University where she completed her degree in the research specialization stream. She has a master’s degree in forensic psychology from Carleton University where she worked with Dr. Craig Bennell in the Police Research Lab examining shooting decisions.

Prior to joining London Police Service in 2019 Sarah worked for seven years in the private sector as a research analyst and manager. Sarah has spent the past four years with London Police Service as the Uniformed Division and Evidence Based Policing crime analyst.

Special Constable Shannon Calladine

Barrie Police Service

Shannon is a Special Constable with the Barrie Police Service and has completed the University of Cambridge Evidence-Based Policing for Leaders course. Shannon is a Starr Certified Trauma and Resilience Practitioner for the education sector and a Mehrit Centre Certified Self-Reg Facilitator. Shannon has 20 years’ experience facilitating programs for adults and youth. 

Viktoria Tumilowicz

Barrie Police Service

Viktoria Tumilowicz, H.B.Comm. is a business planner and analyst at the Barrie Police Service in Ontario, Canada. She holds an Honour’s Bachelor of Commerce degree, along with a minor in political science, and recently completed a diploma in graphic design and interactive media. She holds an integral role in the research and analysis of strategic and operational plans based on organizational resources and the application of an evidence-based policing lens.

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