The Barrie Police Service is reminding business owners that with the long weekend fast approaching, now is the time to make sure that any security implements that you have in place are functioning and properly working.

Police have seen catalytic converters being targeted in open areas where work vehicles are stored and if possible, these vehicles should be stored indoors or behind well-lit fenced enclosures. Closed circuit television, with infrared capability focused on the parking area and signage is also encouraged.

Thieves are literally cutting these emission control devices out of cars, trucks and in some cases buses as well and they are being sold at scrap yards for the precious metals (platinum, palladium, and rhodium) that they contain. These organized thefts often occur overnight, in industrial areas where vehicular travel is limited and can be very lucrative for the thief.

Police are encouraging the public and in particular business owners to do what you can to prevent these thefts from taking place as planning and preparation now, may save you prolonged frustration in the future.

Let’s work together to keep your catalytic converter where it belongs on your motor vehicle(s) and not in the hands of opportunistic thieves.

Occurrence #: CL22001798
Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator, Peter Leon


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