Although we are all counting down the days until spring weather returns, we can be assured there will be more wintery driving conditions in the meantime. The Barrie Police Service Traffic Unit reminds motorists to ensure their vehicles remain stocked for winter driving until the snow is gone for good.

Snow Brush
Before leaving on your trip, ensure you have a clear windshield and a clear view out of all windows. Removing snow from the top of your vehicle will also help ensure you aren’t impeding the view of those driving behind you. You can also face a $110 fine under the Highway Traffic Act.

Clear lights
While brushing off your vehicle, don’t forget your headlights, taillights and licence plate. Snow on your lighting system can make it difficult for you to see the road, and for others to see you. Even during the daylight hours, with snowy weather, having your full lighting system cleared and activated can help make your vehicle more visible.

Windshield washer fluid
When temperatures do start to warm up, and snow on the roadway begins to melt, having windshield washer fluid topped up will help keep your view clear. Carrying a spare jug is always a good idea, as it doesn’t take long to go through your supply on a slushy day. If you do need to fill up mid-trip, make sure you stop somewhere safe and are aware of the vehicles travelling around you.

Snow Tires
It may be tempting to switch back to summer tires as soon as temperatures start to warm up, experts recommend keeping snow tires on until temperatures are consistently above 7C. With our area regularly experiencing snow into April, it’s a good idea to keep those summer tires in storage a little bit longer.

Winter emergency kit
In the event that you do experience issues while driving, a winter emergency kit can help keep you comfortable while you wait for assistance. Some items may be more useful in cold weather but making sure you always have an emergency kit in your vehicle is a good practice.

Taking a few steps to prepare before heading you head out on the road will help keep you and other road users safe, throughout the year.

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