As we approach one year since COVID-19 restrictions began, most of us are spending more time and money online. 

Fraudsters are taking advantage of this and using it as an opportunity to try to scam more and more people through a variety of methods. 

The Barrie Police Service encourages everyone to carefully consider any offers, threats or requests received. Fraudsters try to instill a sense of urgency to keep you from second-guessing or reaching out for confirmation. There is always time to consider if it’s a fraud. No reputable company will penalize you for taking the time to verify their claims. 

Join us throughout the month of March for weekly Fraud Prevention Friday posts, where the BPS Fraud Unit will highlight a different type of fraud that we have been experiencing in our community, and show you how to recognize, reject and report fraud. 

Visit our Fraud Alerts page for more information on how to spot frauds and what to do if you’ve experienced fraud.

Prepared by: Corporate Communications


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