Since the beginning of June, the Barrie Police Service has investigated the theft of five motor vehicles, one closed utility trailer and an e-bike.

Thieves have targeted 2 Dodge RAM’s, 1 Ford F150, 1 Lexus RX350 and Hyundai Elantra. If you own one of these motor vehicles, or any other vehicle that has been identified as popular amongst thieves,  you are strongly encouraged to consider using a steering wheel lock, a wheel/tire lock or boot, consider installing an aftermarket ignition immobilizer and if you are a resident of Barrie, you can attend Barrie Police Headquarters, show your driver’s licence, and obtain a Faraday Bag for your key fobs.

Although these investigations remain ongoing, it would appear that the opportunistic thieves who have visited Barrie in the past (or their associates)are back.

Organized crime has no place in our community and police are asking the public to be aware of people around them at all times. If you see someone who you do not recognize or someone who appears to be out of place and they are near your vehicle, or a neighbours vehicle, whether it be parked in your driveway, out in front of your house or a parking lot, please call police immediately. Your call could be the difference between a theft happening or potentially taking place in the future. If you can, try to get a description of the person or people and a licence plate of any motor vehicle they are driving.

If you are unable to park your car in your garage, please do something to keep it in your possession such as installing or redirecting home security cameras, blocking it with another car or simply keeping your outside lights on overnight.

Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator  Peter Leon


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