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Police Retirees of Ontario may Call your Home - This is NOT a Scam

Police Retirees of Ontario may Call your Home - This is NOT a Scam
November 8th, 2017 - Police & the Community

The Barrie Police Service would like to inform the public they may receive a phone call from the Police Retirees of Ontario (P.R.O) , which is a non-profit organization.

This is a LEGIT fundraising campaign that is conducted throughout the province and will be soliciting consumers via telephone from their call center.

The Police Retirees of Ontario Incorporated (P.R.O.) was founded in 1992, by a group of retired police officers for the purpose of establishing an organization with a mandate to assist Police Services through awareness and advocacy and to assist police retirees throughout Ontario. At the end of their fiscal year, surplus funds are donated to children’s charities across the province.

Since 1992, the Police Retirees of Ontario has been able to donate in excess of $1,000,000 to children-oriented causes and charities throughout Ontario. This year they are continuing a province wide campaign to support children in need. This campaign allows them to continue their distribution of P.R.O Teddy Bears to emergency services that work with children. Teddy bears assist emergency services and children’s organizations comfort children that are going through traumatic situations.

Members of the public are encouraged to visit their website for any further information, or call toll free at 1-844-323-4003.


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