Barrie Crime Map

Please Read Before Proceeding

Welcome to the Barrie Police crime mapping tool. This crime map is part of our ongoing endeavour to share information about community safety and security. This interactive map will allow viewing of crimes reported for selected categories.  You are able to choose from a variety of crime categories and date ranges which will then be plotted on the map.


  •  Select a Date Range by entering a number and select Days, Weeks or Months.
  • Select the type of incident you wish to view using the drop down

The Barrie Police Service cautions against using this data to make decisions, or comparisons, regarding the safety or crime levels for an area. 

The icons representative of each crime category placed on the map while using this tool are not placed on the specific address of that crime, but only in the general vicinity of that crime.

Please read the following disclaimer:

The Barrie Police Service does not make any warranty, representation or guarantee as to the content, accuracy or completeness of any of the map data. All aspects of the data provided herein are susceptible to a degree of error due to the complexities of the process involved in compiling, geocoding and mapping the data. The data provided on this site represent only the reported crimes that contain a geographic reference and associated geographic coordinates.

All materials contained on this site are distributed and transmitted AS IS without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied including without limitation, warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the Barrie Police Service become liable to users of this data for any loss or damages arising from the use, operation or modification of the data. The visual representation of data is being provided strictly as a courtesy, and not as an obligation.

The mapping site should never be used to attempt to reconstruct Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, other official numbers or to correlate events to a specific location.

Glossary of Terms:

Alcohol Related Offences: Offences where consumption of alcohol in a public place or driving and/or operating a motor vehicle impaired
Arson: Any deliberate burning, or attempt to burn real property of another person or entity
Break and Enter: The act of entering a place, with the intent to commit an indictable offence therein.
City By-Law Enforcement: Enforcement of City of Barrie By-Laws
Crimes Against Person: Incidents where an act of violence was committed on a victim
Drug Related Offences: Violation of laws prohibiting the production, possession, distribution and use of controlled substances
Fraud: The intentional deception intended to secure unlawful financial gain or damage to a person or entity through instruments, forgery or utterances
Mischief: Damage to property including vandalism and graffiti
Public Morals: Any behavior that disturbs the public peace
Quality of Life:   Incidents where police provided assistance to prevent a crime
Robbery: The act of taking property from another person or business by the use of force or intimidation in the presence of the victim.
Shoplift: The theft of merchandise from a business without making any attempt to pay
Stolen Vehicle: The act of stealing another person’s vehicle, or taking another person’s vehicle without consent.
Stolen Vehicle – Recovered A vehicle that has been located after it has been previously reported stolen.
Theft: The act of stealing property (excluding vehicles).
Theft from Vehicle: The act of stealing property from on or inside a vehicle. This could include entering the vehicle with or without damage to it.
Weapons Incidents in which weapons, explosives, firearms are prohibited, concealed, unlawfully in possession, or trafficked
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