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Gang Member Arrested and Returned to Barrie by Vancouver PD

April 24th, 2008 - Police & the Community

Barrie Police Service in conjunction with Vancouver Police Department have taken steps to ensure that persons wanted on criminal warrants that leave the radius of the warrant are still accountable for their actions and face their day in court.

On April 23, 2008 Stephen Phillip KING (34 years) was transported back to Barrie after being arrested for an outstanding warrant held by Barrie Police. KING was escorted by Vancouver Police officers and turned over to Barrie Police at Toronto Person International Airport.

KING is an admitted gang member and the leader of the GTS street gang in Vancouver, BC. The GTS have begun to entrench itself in the drug trade in the downtown eastside (DTES) of Vancouver. Recently KING and four other members of the gang were checked by Vancouver Police in the DTES and were found to be wearing bullet proof vests.
The accused was originally arrested and charged by Barrie Police in 2000 for Break & Enter and a warrant was issued for his arrest (with a radius of 200km) after the accused fled Barrie for Vancouver and failed to appear for court.

The accused was recently arrested by Vancouver Police on the non-returnable warrant (200km radius), and returned to Barrie to face his charges originating out of Barrie. The return is based on a concept of a program developed by Vancouver Police that allows members of the public to donate unused Air miles to the program that can be utilized to transport criminals back and ensure the are accountable for outstanding warrants and charges in jurisdictions the have fled.

King is the 10th person that Vancouver Police have flown back to other provinces in Canada to deal with their non-returnable warrants utilizing donated Air Miles.
King will appear in a Barrie Court today for a show cause hearing to answer to the charges.

For more information on the arrest of KING by Vancouver Police, you can visit their web site at www.vpd.ca

Sgt Dave Goodbrand