In a span of just of just under two hours, the Barrie Police Service was contacted by three pickup truck owners to advise, that while they slept, their pickup trucks were stolen out of their driveways.

From the investigations that followed, the only common links are that ALL the pickup trucks stolen were Ford F-150’s and the owners still had the key fobs for their trucks.  Two of the trucks stolen were of the 2022 model year and one was a 2023. One of the 2022 model’s stolen was a King Ranch model red in colour, while the other 2022 F-150 stolen was blue. The lone 2023 truck stolen was black.

Two of these thefts occurred in the north end of the city in an area just east of the East Bayfield Recreation Centre and the other occurred in in a residential neighbourhood southeast of the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.

Motor vehicles that have been targeted by thieves in the Barrie area continue to be Dodge RAM pickup trucks, Toyota Highlanders, Lexus RX models and the recent Ford F-150’s.

Police strongly recommend that ALL motor vehicle owners consider the following tips to help prevent your motor vehicle from being stolen:

  • Park your locked motor vehicle in a locked garage
  • Move any key fobs away from front door area and secure in a Faraday bag or Feraday box
  • Use a steering wheel locking device or a wheel locking device
  • Consider installing an ignition immobilizer
  • Use a second motor vehicle and park it close to any identified vehicles
  • Utilize tracking devices
  • Install security cameras
  • Keep exterior lighting on during the overnight hours
  • Never leave valuables in your car – secure in your home or in the trunk (or cover them so they cannot be seen)
  • ALWAYS lock your motor vehicle if it cannot be safely secured indoors.

It is often stated by police that theft is preventable, and this is true provided your make every effort possible to secure what belongs to you. If at anytime you see a person or motor vehicle that does not belong or looks out of place, please call police immediately; your call could be the difference in preventing a crime from occurring in your neighbourhood.

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Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator Peter Leon


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