On Sunday, March 28, 2021, the Barrie Police Service was made aware of a suspicious incident that had taken place in Ardagh Bluffs between Eaglestone Lane and Cumming Drive. The incident involved what was believed to have been a recording of a baby crying that was heard by 2 young females who were walking a dog in the area. As they exited the wooded trail onto Cumming Drive at approximately 5:00 p.m., a silver-coloured car being driven by an unknown male drove by the females. The driver waved, continued to travel along the road and there was no conversation or exchange of words between the females or the driver.

This incident was reported to the Barrie Police shortly after 7:00 p.m. and immediate patrols of the area were made, however the responding officer was unable to locate the involved motor vehicle and the crying sounds reported were not heard.

Barrie Police is aware of social media posts that have detailed this incident and have followed up with investigators from the Barrie Police Service Human Trafficking Unit who indicate that they are not aware of a tactic such as this being used to lure victims into a human trafficking situation.

Police strongly recommend that any incident where there is a suspicious vehicle or person involved be reported to police immediately so that the appropriate response with the appropriate resources can take place. Where a vehicle is involved, as many details regarding the vehicle as possible should be noted, as these will assist in any required investigation or follow up. Where it is a person, any appearance details can help to identify the person involved.

Anyone with more information on this incident can contact police at 705-725-7025 or [email protected].

Occurrence #: BA21016580
Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator, Peter Leon


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