Project Safe Horizon

Project Safe Horizon is an initiative that focuses primarily on the victim and their safety, both immediate and longer-term care, in the hopes of ending Human Trafficking in our area. This collaborative effort allows agencies to effectively react to victims of Human Trafficking, in order to provide all the necessary services.

Short term goals:

  1. Increased awareness of human service agencies capabilities when dealing with Human Trafficking
  2. A better understanding and an ability to identify those at risk of or already involved in human trafficking
  3. An increase in partnerships between police and social service agencies specific to the eradication of human trafficking
  4. Support other agencies in their efforts to make our community safe by identifying and addressing human trafficking

Long term goals:

  1. Develop a sustainable response protocol  and longer-term transition plan for trafficked women, men, children and youth within the City of Barrie
  2. Increase the number of victims coming forward to police, and other agencies, to access services and assistance
  3. Increased awareness and understanding starting at an elementary school level
  4. Better equip frontline officers when dealing with suspected Human trafficking- develop effective procedures to employ immediate subject specific intervention

For more information on recognizing and reporting Human Trafficking, please visit our Human Trafficking information page.

If the below questions relate to you or anyone you know, we can help.

  • Have you met someone who promised to protect and take care of you, or told you about an easy way to make money?
  • Maybe they made it sound safe and glamorous … and promised you wouldn’t have to do anything you didn’t want to.
  • After a while, did things change?
  • Do they control where you go and who you see—or force you to trade sex for money, drugs or a place to stay?
  • Do they force you to meet ‘quotas’, pay protection money or tell you that you owe him/her and you can’t leave until you pay up? Do they hurt or threaten you?

For further information please contact email  [email protected]

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