Traffic Safety is an important issue for the Barrie Police Service. Our Strategic Plan includes Traffic Safety as a key objective.

The Barrie Police Service Traffic Unit is committed to:

  • supporting road safety initiatives that address community concerns
  • ensuring safe pathways, parks and roadways for cyclists and pedestrians; and
  • targeting impaired, aggressive and distracted drivers.

The public can help keep our roads safe by making a traffic complaint when you witness careless or dangerous drivers. If you suspect someone is driving impaired, please call 9-1-1. Traffic complaints are received by our dedicated Traffic Unit officers, and the information received:

  • assists in identifying streets and intersections that require additional traffic enforcement
  • allows officers to issue warning letters to the registered owners of vehicles involved in driving complaints
  • contributes to ongoing traffic investigations.

Making a Traffic Complaint

We strongly encourage you to make all your traffic complaints using our easy and quick online reporting system.

If it’s an emergency and needs immediate police response, please call 911 immediately.

Please be prepared to provide the following specific information:

Please note that if you do not have the correct licence plate number matching the vehicle description, there is a limit to the amount a police investigation can do.

Required information:

  1. Date, time, and location that the incident took place.
  2. Driver information such as a description including as much information as possible (Male/Female, Age, Hair etc).
  3. Vehicle Information: Licence Plate (Number, Province), Vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Colour, Car/Truck/Bicycle/ Other (please specify), Any other features (i.e. trailer hitch, modified parts etc).
  4. Details of incident
  5. Your information: Name, address, phone number, date of birth.

All traffic complaints are compiled in a database that is used by our Traffic Unit to assist in strategic enforcement to effectively and efficiently improve public safety.

Please note, if you report or witness an offence and wish police to lay charges where applicable, you must be prepared to testify in court.

If there is immediate danger, CALL 911.
If there is no immediate danger, you can file a report online at

What to do if you have received a Traffic Complaint Letter

You may receive a Traffic Complaint Letter if a motor vehicle registered to you was observed committing a traffic violation. The purpose of the letter is to ensure you are aware of the issues involving your vehicle. If you were not the person driving, you are encouraged to address the complaint with whomever has access to your vehicle.

A report of the incident will be on file with the Barrie Police Service. No further investigation is required regarding the incident. If you receive two or more complaints within a given year, an officer will contact you to remedy traffic safety issues being cited in the letter(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

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