This morning, Barrie Police have been kept busy in the Oakley Park Square and Grove Street East area after eight area residents awoke to find that sometime overnight someone slashed their car tires.

Police were able to follow the footprints in the overnight snow and have determined that the person responsible began this mischievous act on Oakley Park Square where a front or rear tire was slashed on 5 cars that were parked in the victim’s driveways. One homeowner on that street had all four slashed on their car before the suspect took Bennett Road to Grove Street East, where two homeowners each had a front tire slashed.

Barrie Police is continuing their investigation into this senseless act of mischief and have located and documented evidence that will help to identify the person responsible. If anyone has information that may assist with this ongoing investigation, they are asked to please email the investigating officer Constable Hallahan at [email protected].

Occurrence #: BA23015673
Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator, Peter Leon


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