Collision Reporting Centre

A Collision Reporting Centre is staffed by individuals who obtain information on behalf of the insurance industry, and whose function is the streamlining of insurance claims.

In Barrie, the Reporting Centre is located within the Barrie Police Headquarters at 110 Fairview Road.

In order to free our resources to deal with emergency and serious incidents, it is necessary for the public to assist by attending the Station and completing reports for minor incidents. In most instances where an insurance claim is a factor, there are substantial delays in having such claims processed by the insurer.

Reporting Centres, because of their affiliation with the insurance industry, have had considerable success in reducing the average number of days required in the preliminary handling of a claim. In addition, employees of Reporting Centres provide information and advice to claimants, and the digital photographs are helpful in settling claims without acrimonious arguments as to the extent of the damage.


If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision in Barrie:

If your collision involves any of the following circumstances, contact police immediately:

  • Danger to motorists at the scene of the collision.
  • Personal injury.
  • Any criminal activity, such as impaired driving or stolen vehicles.
  • A government vehicle of any kind.
  • A vehicle which is transporting dangerous goods.
  • Damage to third-party property, such as a parked car where the owner is not at the scene.
  • Damage to private, municipal or highway property.
  • A pedestrian or cyclist.
  • An uncooperative driver.

 The Highway Traffic Act states that all motor vehicles collisions involving injury or death, where there is damage to highway property, and where the combined damage exceeds $2,000.00, must be reported to the police.


 If police are not required to attend:


  1. If it is safe to do so, remove the vehicle(s) from the roadway.
  2. Exchange information with the other involved persons, including independent witnesses. Obtain names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance, and vehicle particulars.
  3. As soon as possible, attend with your vehicle to the Reporting Centre. In most cases, claimants are advised to attend police headquarters when the Reporting Centre is open. However, claimants may attend at other times, in accordance with the situation.
  4. Bring your documentation with you to the Reporting Centre, i.e. drivers license, ownership, and insurance.


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday: 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

Closed all statutory holidays


About the Collision Reporting Centre

The Reporting Centre employs professional individuals who have received extensive training in their area of responsibility. The person responsible for the Centre is Michele McLinden, Manager.

Employees of the Centre assist many citizens in completing reports, whether or not the claimants are interested in having the Centre process their claim. In other words, our citizens are assured of assistance from someone, be it a member of the Barrie Police Service or the Reporting Centre, when they attend police headquarters for self-reporting purposes.


Contact the Collision Reporting Centre

Employees of Barrie Accident Support Services Ltd. will be pleased to answer your questions. You may contact them during business hours at:


Phone: 705-726-9225

Fax: 705-726-4628

E-mail: [email protected]

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