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On behalf of the Barrie Police Services Board and the Barrie Police Service, it is our honour to present the 2023–2025 Strategic Plan. Since the launch of our previous strategic plan more than three years ago, our Service has experienced many changes including the consolidation and move to a new building, the COVID-19 pandemic and most recently, the appointment of our new Chief. But perhaps the most significant change is a shift in the way policing is viewed by the public and by the membership of the Barrie Police Service. This is redirecting Service’s priorities and objectives to be more data-driven and focused on community collaboration to ensure we continue to offer reliable and effective emergency response, while working with our community partners to divert and address social disorder that typically forms from systemic issues in our society.

The 2023-2025 Strategic Plan builds off the groundwork established in the previous Strategic Plan and advances our mission to create a supportive environment that provides proactive policing services to help reduce crimes from happening, while also responding to emergencies, high harm incidents and de-escalating those interactions in a safe and responsible manner.

This approach is reflected through our updated Strategic Plan as we continue to listen to the needs of the community and of our internal membership. The Barrie Police Service recognizes that community safety requires balance and the updated priorities, objectives, and actions in our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan reflect the feedback that was heard through our comprehensive consultation process.

As a result of those consultations the new plan addresses the need to:

 Prevent & Address Crime

Utilize a data-driven decision-making approach to reduce harm in our community, prioritize traffic safety, enhance visibility, and support victims of crime.

Leverage Partnerships to Reduce Social Disorder

Empower and strengthen our community partnerships and focus on authentic community and member engagement.

Build a Resilient Organization

Inspire innovative policing practices and progressive human resource strategies to prepare our Service to thrive in the future.

As we launch our new Strategic Plan, the Barrie Police Service remains committed to supporting the needs of our community and our membership and will continue to offer opportunities for feedback and consultation as we engage with purpose, integrity, respect, trust, compassion, and dedication. We thank everyone who has helped inform this plan and look forward to working together to create a safer tomorrow, today.


Priority 1 

Prevent & Address Crime 

Objective 1

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Action 1: Reduce Number of High Harm Crimes

Action 2: Improve Approachability and Visbility

Action 3: Supportive Victim and Reporting Services

Objective 2

Traffic Safety

Action 1: Implement and Support Road Safety Inititatives That Address Community Concerns

Action 2: Safe Pathways, Parks and Roadways for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Action 3: Target Impaired, Aggressive and Distracted Drivers

Priority 2

 Leverage Partnerships to Reduce Social Disorder


Objective 1

Empower and Strengthen Community Partnerships

Action 1: Collaborate with Social Service Agencies to Strengthen Diversion Referrals

Action 2: Continue to Support The City of Barrie’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan 

Action 3: Constructive and Engaged Downtown Strategy 

Objective 2

Authentic Two-Way Communication with Community & Members

Action 1: Person-Centered Customer Service

Action 2: Create an Integrated System with Community Partners  

Action 3: Encourage Opportunities for Public Engagement and Knowledge Sharing 

Priority 3

Build a Resilient Organization

Objective 1

Inspiring Innovative Policing Practices

Action 1: Using Technology to Improve Organizational Efficiencies

Action 2: Sustainable Staffing Models and Resource Management 

Action 3: Explore and Share New Research, Funding and Analysis Opportunitieses

Objective 2

Progressive Human Resource Strategies 

Action 1: Provide a Healthy Workplace That Supports the Mental Health and Wellness of the Membership 

Action 2: Support and Advance Professional Development Opportunities 

Action 3: Strengthen the Organizational Culture by Embedding Service-Wide Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practices

Planning Process


The Barrie Police Service would like to thank everyone who participated in the Strategic Planning Consultations. Feedback from the community is continuously sought throughout the year but consultations specific to the creation of the 2023-2025 Strategic Plan were planned through 2022 and included focus groups, member planning days, surveys, town halls, pop-up booths and one-on-one interviews. If you would like to offer any comments on our current or future strategic plans please email [email protected]


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