The Barrie Police Service, in an effort to improve vehicle efficiency, has been working to integrate hybrid vehicles into the fleet.
Since 2020 the Service has introduced several hybrid SUV’s to the front-line fleet, which operate on electric and engine power. Preliminary data shows that hybrid SUV’s have lowered idling time, reduced stress on the engine and reduced fuel costs. With a fleet of 110 total vehicles, 19 of those vehicles are hybrid, resulting in a 5%-10% savings in fuel costs and a 50% – 60% reduction in idling time.
“Hybrid vehicles have been incredibly effective for our patrol vehicles,” said Fleet Supervisor Matt Walker. “We continue to work with vehicle manufacturers to explore any opportunity to enhance our fleet with fully electric vehicles, as front-line vehicles have very specific requirements to be considered police-rated.
In June 2022, the Service’s first fully electric vehicle a Ford Mach-E was added as an administrative vehicle. The New York Police Department recently introduced more than 100 Ford Mach-E vehicles to their front-line fleet. The Mach-E has an estimated range of between 340-500 kms and has a fast-charging capability. The BPS Fleet Unit continues to review electric and hybrid vehicles available with a police package for front-line patrol, with car manufacturers indicating that this is a future possibility. The Barrie Police Service Fleet Unit will monitor the effectiveness of this vehicle and the hybrids currently in use.
As well, the Service’s motorcycle was sold in 2022, and the Community Safety and Well-Being Unit will participate in a trial of two electric bicycles for the summer. This is in addition to the 12 regular bicycles that are already in use by front-line officers.
“In making these small changes, we can work towards improving our environmental impact,” said Executive Services Staff Sergeant Linda Moorhouse. “Savings resulting from these changes, including the fuel savings are countering increased costs of parts, fuel and new fleet vehicles.”
The Barrie Simcoe Emergency Services campus has a two-car charging station installed and the infrastructure to install more.
Results from 2022 show increasingly promising results, as the period from January to May 2022 has shown approximately 15% – 20% in fuel savings compared to the same time in 2021. With the increased cost of fuel, the lower gas usage has allowed the Barrie Police Service to stay within our 2022 fuel and fleet budget.

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