Earlier today, the Barrie Police Service was made aware of a theft of tools that occurred overnight from a pickup truck that was parked in the parking lot of a Hart Drive hotel.

It has been determined that the theft occurred sometime between 4:08-4:12 a.m. after the suspect approached the pickup truck and stole a toolbox of assorted hand and power tools. The suspect then returned a second time and stole a crate that contained rechargeable batteries. The total value of this theft is estimated at $3000, but the real cost is the time it will take to replace these tools and the impact that it will have on the victim to carry out their work.

Barrie Police is strongly encouraging pickup truck owners to never leave items of value in the bed area of your truck as in this case, older model tailgates must be locked separately from the cab area. Newer model trucks have a feature that will allow all the doors, tailgate included, to be locked when using either the key fob or door lock button inside of the pickup truck.

Thefts like this are preventable, so always check your doors and tailgate when leaving your pickup truck. At this time, there are no known suspects or suspect related descriptions available.

Occurrence #: CL23003937
Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator Peter Leon


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