Traffic Safety is an important issue for the Barrie Police Service. Our Strategic Plan includes Traffic Safety as a key objective.

The Barrie Police Service Traffic Unit is committed to:

    • supporting road safety initiatives that address community concerns
    • ensuring safe pathways, parks and roadways for cyclists and pedestrians; and
    • targeting impaired, aggressive and distracted drivers.

The public can help keep our roads safe by making a traffic complaint when you witness careless or dangerous drivers. If you suspect someone is driving impaired, please call 9-1-1. Traffic complaints are received by our dedicated Traffic Unit officers, and the information received:


    • assists in identifying streets and intersections that require additional traffic enforcement
    • allows officers to issue warning letters to the registered owners of vehicles involved in driving complaints
    • contributes to ongoing traffic investigations.

Recent Traffic Media Releases

Making a Traffic Complaint

We strongly encourage you to make all your traffic complaints using our easy and quick online reporting system.

If it’s an emergency and needs immediate police response, please call 911 immediately.

Please be prepared to provide the following specific information:

Please note that if you do not have the correct licence plate number matching the vehicle description, there is a limit to the amount a police investigation can do.

Required information:

    1. Date, time, and location that the incident took place.
    2. Driver information such as a description including as much information as possible (Male/Female, Age, Hair etc).
    3. Vehicle Information: Licence Plate (Number,  Province), Vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Colour, Car/Truck/Bicycle/ Other (please specify), Any other features (i.e. trailer hitch, modified parts etc).
    4. Details of incident
    5. Your information: Name, address, phone number, date of birth.

All traffic complaints are compiled in a database that is used by our Traffic Unit to assist in strategic enforcement to effectively and efficiently improve public safety. 

Please note, if you report or witness an offence and wish police to lay charges where applicable, you must be prepared to testify in court.

If there is immediate danger, CALL 911.

If there is no immediate danger, you can file a report online at

General Traffic Concerns

(No licence plate obtained)

  • Problem intersections
  • Roadways with speeding issues
  • School zone concerns
Driving Complaints

(Licence plate and description of vehicle)


  • Failing to stop for red lights, stop signs
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving (cell phones)
  • Repeated dangerous driving in same neighbourhood
Specific Driver Complaints
  • Driving suspended
  • Driving without a license
  • Noisy cars

If you suspect a driver is impaired, call 911.

What to do if you have
received a Traffic Complaint Letter

You may receive a Traffic Complaint Letter if a motor vehicle registered to you was observed committing a traffic violation. The purpose of the letter is to ensure you are aware of the issues involving your vehicle. If you were not the person driving, you are encouraged to address the complaint with whomever has access to your vehicle.

A report of the incident will be on file with the Barrie Police Service. No further investigation is required regarding the incident. If you receive two or more complaints within a given year, an officer will contact you to remedy traffic safety issues being cited in the letter(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information may help you better understand the process.

How do you know it was my vehicle involved in the incident?

The vehicle description and license plate number provided in the complaint is verified by Barrie Police to be a match with current records. The letter is then addressed to whomever was the registered owner of the matching vehicle at the time of the incident/offence.

What if the vehicle or plate noted is not mine?

You received the letter because the vehicle/plate are registered to you through the Ministry of Transportation. If  you have sold or transferred the vehicle/plate then you should contact the MTO office and update your information. 

What if someone else was driving my vehicle at the time of the incident?

The letter is sent to the registered owner of the involved vehicle. If someone else was driving your vehicle at the time of the incident, police encourage you to address the issue with whoever was driving, or has access to your vehicle. 

You may wish to provide police with the name of the involved driver, by contacting the Traffic Unit as noted on the letter.

As the registered owner of a vehicle it is your obligation to ensure your vehicle is driven safely and responsibly.

Do I need to take any action as a result of the letter?

No action is required as a result of the letter, but you are encouraged to take the letter as an opportunity to learn about unsafe driving practices, and ensure you are always in compliance wiht the Highway Traffic Act.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding the letter, you can reach out to the contact information shared on the letter.

Is this letter considered a traffic ticket or traffic-related charge?

This letter is not a ticket. There are no fines or demerit points associated with receiving a letter.

Does my insurance company receive a copy of this letter?

This information is not shared with your insurance company without your consent.

Does this letter affect my driving record?

This letter is kept on file with Barrie Police, and does not affect your driving record. However, if mulitple complaint letters are recieved, Traffic Unit officers may contact you.

Who made the report?

A member of the public who observed an unsafe driving incident or offence can make a complaint to the Barrie Police. The complaint is reviewed by the Traffic Unit, and when appropriate, a Traffic Complaint Letter is issued to the registered owner of the involved vehicle. The name of the individual who reported this incident will not be released.

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