In the Spring of last year, the Ministry of the Solicitor General, through the “When You’re Ready Project”, awarded the Barrie Police Service a Victim Support Grant valued at $183,300 that was to be administered over two years.

It has almost been a year since the grant was awarded and in a short period of time, a great deal of work has already been accomplished.

Two existing interview rooms have been re-modeled with funds provided through this grant at Barrie Police Service Headquarters. Having the ability to interview a victim in a softer, more comfortable, and less industrial setting is very important when dealing with survivors of human trafficking and other victim-focused incidents. By removing potential barriers and utilizing an environment that promotes healing, the potential for revictimization and additional trauma can be reduced.

This grant has also provided the Barrie Police Service the ability to develop and implement ongoing training specific to the ever-evolving dynamic associated with human trafficking. Educators and a trauma informed survivor, along with Indigenous partner involvement, has been incorporated into a training module which has afforded members of the Barrie Police Service the ability to better identify and support victims and survivors of human trafficking.

In the coming weeks, the Barrie Police Service will share additional enhancements that have been made as a result of the Service being awarded this Victim Support Grant. Please look for these updates as we look forward to sharing the positive impact that this funding will have on victims, our community, our partners, and our Service.

Prepared by: Corporate Communications 


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