In today’s world, knowing exactly where you are in the event of an emergency can be very stressful, especially when time is often of the essence. The use of technology often plays a large role when it comes to locating people who may be lost, injured, or require police assistance. Many of today’s telecommunications devices are equipped with features which include location services and when activated on the device, can help determine a person’s exact location.

Equipped now with new technology, when a member of the public contacts the Barrie Police Communications Centre, the call taker can ask if they are familiar with the What3Words app and determine if it is downloaded on their device. If not, a link can be sent to the device, and it will automatically show them their three-word tag location. If the caller has the app on their device, without internet or data, it can provide location. The What3WQords location is converted to global positioning system (GPS) coordinates and will direct the appropriate form of response that is required to that exact location (police, fire or paramedic services).

The developers of What3words have taken the world and divided it into 57 trillion squares, each of which measure 3 meters by 3 meters. Each square has a unique combination of three words which makes it an easy way to find and share exact locations with minimal cellular and data signals.  “By adding this free app to your android or iPhone device, emergency assistance can be closer than you could ever imagine,” says Inspector Peter Dewsnap, who oversees the Operational Support Division for the Barrie Police Service. “Our Communications Centre personnel has received training and is equipped to utilize these hands-on resources should the need arise and recognize the value it can bring in reuniting lost or injured people with their families or sending emergency resources where they may be required” adds Inspector Dewsnap.

Prepared by: Peter Leon, Corporate Communications Coordinator


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