On Saturday May 22, 2021, a citizen walking around Willow Landing Public School, which is located at 330 Big Bay Point Road, observed a broken window on the northeast side of the school and alerted police.

Upon arrival of the police, it was determined that there was no entry into the classroom and that it was a large piece of broken concrete that had been used to break the window.

As a result of recent surveillance video that was received from the school, it has been confirmed that the window was broken on Friday May 21, 2021 at 11:38 p.m. by a young white male youth who is described as wearing a grey hoodie, dark pants, and white running shoes and had brown hair. After the piece of concrete was thrown through the window, this same male is seen kicking at the broken window, while three other young males looked on and appeared to be encouraging him as he carried out this criminal act.

A second unknown white male youth with brown hair and wearing a black t-shirt, black pants, shoes and wearing a backpack, was also seen kicking at the broken window after he threw an unknown item at a different window and then struck it in an apparent attempt to break it.

From the video that was shared with Barrie Police, the other two unknown white male youths did not take part in the mischief, but appeared to be encouraging the other two youths. The first encouraging youth was wearing a black t-shirt, red pants, black shoes, and a black cap and bag and the second had brown hair was wearing a grey t-shirt, black pants, black and white running shoes.

Under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), the Barrie Police is not able to release surveillance videos, or any still pictures associated with this investigation. However, if anyone recognizes the descriptions of the four youths or has information on this crime, please contact the investigating officer by email at [email protected].

Occurrence #: BA21027222
Prepared by: Corporate Communications Coordinator, Peter Leon


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